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 The Library

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Sirius Black

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PostSubject: The Library   The Library Icon_minitimeFri Nov 30, 2012 5:36 pm

I came in. It was now about 4:17 A.M., according to my watch. I made my wand provide light to see. I grabbed a copy of The Wandmen of Southern Hogwarts, and started reading. It was a decent sized book, about 350 pages.

I was reading fast. It was interesting. Three wizards named Argus, Gary, and Boby and one witch named Elleanna were new students, and they had went to the old leader of Hogwarts' office. He had asked what they were doing. They said He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named was following them. The headmaster told them to go far South Hogwarts, and don't look back.

They all did, except Boby, who was claiming he was safer in his dormitory. Oh, they were all Hufflepuffs. They had to leave without him.

After running eight days and nine nights, they reached far South Hogwarts. Then, the headmaster sent them a message. Voldemort was near. Run back.

All of them ended up dieing from giant snakes except Elleanna. She had made it, for the snakes sensed only men.

The headmaster, Elleanna, and Boby had to head out, to find Voldemort. Two old proffessors named Keysen and Doorbeg also came.

They found out while hey were gone, Voldemort had found his way into the castle, and killed the other professors. It was very sad, I thought.

The headmaster and he others made it back just in time.

Voldemort was working on killing all of the Hufflepuffs by fire, Gryffindor by ice, and Ravenclaw by water. The Slytherins ended up on his team, since he was one of them. I figured out I hated Slytherins.

Boby and Elleanna were forced to call all of the parents of the students, the Aurors, the Ministry, etc.

Then they found out Keysen and Doorsbeg were dead, and the headmaster was fighting Voldemort on the roof of Hogwarts.

They also found out they secretly had a crush on each other. They hugged and Elleanna kissed Boby on the cheek.

Midnight struck. Exactly then, the headmaster fell. He was dead.

Boby was mad, Elleanna too.

And in the end, they ended up getting Voldemort away from the school. The students/professors weren't dead. Turned out they were locked in the basement, guarded by Voldemort's two loyal snakes.

Boby and Elleanna killed them. They became Hogwarts heroes.

I wondered why they weren't talked about, then realized this was 2 million years ago, when Hogwarts was different.

Anyway, them two ended up getting married and having four witches and a wizard.

I put the book away, shocked of the story. I'd have to ask a professor about that fiction. That was pretty cool.

I looked at my watch. It was about 5 now.

I grabbed three books: Seaturtle of the Lake, Megawizard, and the Other Schools of Wizardry: A History.

I rented them and left.

Mason Valley, 11-Gryffindor

I really got you, Lucius. I really did.
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The Library
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